New/Used Gear

Not seeing an item you like? We can order just about any paintball product if its still made or we will try to find it used!

V-force Profiler

New (colors vary) $65
Comfortable, pilot style lens

V-force Grillz

Used (colors vary) $85
Comfortable, smaller lens, flexible, very popular


Used (colors vary) $85
Comfortable, fits close to face, color swap parts are common!

Empire Evs

New $150   (colors vary some special editions available)
BIG lens and fits big heads, Comfortable!

Gi Barrel Maid

$13 (colors vary)
Best barrel swab out there! I've used the same one for over a year!

Ninja Tanks

48 cubic inch $40 aluminum bonnet
$45 with brass bonnet
Budget tank! We use these for our rentals

Ninja Tanks

48 cubic inch $60
62 cubic inch $75
Ninja makes great tanks and regulators! More expensive but great quality

Spire 200

Used $90 (colors vary)
Awesome hoppers, pulse loading/shot sensor, easy maintenance, works with reballs, Reliable

Dye Rotor

Used $75
Easy to clean and maintain, force feeds, adjustable tension spring, anti jam lever

Tippmann TMC

NEW $250  Black or two tone! Top selling
Magfed or hopper fed!  20 round mags, dummy mag with hopper feedneck!  Super popular with scenarios and tactical style players

Tippmann 98

Used $85
Top seller and used around the world as rentals and for starter guns! Super reliable and simple! Lots of upgrades available!

Tippmann TIPX

New $230 Black, Tan, Olive Green
Mag-fed pistol, 7 round mags, uses 12g co2 cartridges or buy the remote line adapter ($20) to hook it to a tank! Great to have a sidearm as backup! Extended mags available

Invert mini

Used $200
Great starter electric gun, Autococker threaded barrel, Easy maintenance, tournament board settings, eyes and clamping feedneck

PE Etek 3

Used $250
Poppet valve, autococker threads, on/off asa, easy tournament board navigation, clamping feedneck, eyes,

Empire Axe

Used $250
Big brother to the mini!
Easy maintenance, on/off ASA, clamping feedneck, autococker threads, eyes, lots of tournament modes

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