Rentals are now Low Impact!

Now for most rental parties we can offer Low Impact!  Low impact uses smaller paintballs designed for reduced impact making it fun for anyone!  The guns are somewhat lighter, smaller in size.  Widely popular for younger kids first time playing and makes it more fun for everyone!

For private parties or offsite rentals only!

We still recommend 8+ but for younger kids see below for super low impact!

Air Powered Low Impact

Less Impact! More Fun!

Low Impact paintball uses a smaller paintball then standard and guns are somewhat lighter!

We recommend for any new players! Also allows for players as young as 8 be able to play!

10 person party with 5000 paintballs


Super Low Impact 10 player package (great for under 10)

$200 off site

$250 on site

10 Valken gotcha pumps, masks, 2000 paintballs

Super Low Impact paintball uses the same smaller paintball BUT, they guns are spring powered and shoot about the same speed as Nerf guns! Great to do in someones back yard with reduced range and mess.

Call for more info!

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