Gel Blasters


Gel Blaster is a new super low impact paintball sport!  Gentle enough to allow kids as young as 6+ but also a great chance for the whole family to enjoy!  No mess either! A great option for those who are unsure of paintball or want something that is not so messy! 

The hit of a GellyBall is like a rubber band slap on bare skin. On clothing, it’s only a small sting, but enough to know you were hit.  A great way for kids to battle it out and not have to pick up 100 nerf darts! 


$300 for up to 10 kids includes all rental gear and unlimited gellyballs

$15 per additional kid

1.5 hour party

Mobile parties are available starting at $400.

15 inflatable bunkers, 10 guns and unlimited ammo

We also have picnic tables for you to setup food, drinks, cake or whatever else!