Does it hurt?

Not gonna lie to you, yes it does! It only hurts for a little bit. However, we get a lot of kids as young as 10 playing and they handle it very well! I reccomend baggier clothes (reduces impact) gloves, and a ball cap or beanie. We also have some protective vests available

What about safety?

#1 rule for paintball anywhere..... Keep your mask ON at all times (during games) Basically, following that will keep your face safe. Any other injuries are just ones you could sustain doing any other activity.

Do the paintballs stain?

Yes and no. It depends on the material of the clothing item and its color. Overall I've been playing for years and my clothes haven't been stained. Just bring something you don't mind getting dirty!

What does it cost?

It varies player to player and how much theY shoot. Paintballs are the expendable expense. For a full rental package, it's about $35 (without any specials) and this includes 500 paintballs. That can last someone a day or minutes if they are trigger happy! We sell paintballs by bags of 500 or cases of 2000 It ranges between $35-60 for a typical person

Can we use our own guns or gear?

Yes! Having your own gear is a wonderful thing and in fact will reduce the price for playing! Guns will be chronoed to shoot a safe speed! No HOMEMADE masks! No outside paint! Try to test it before you come or come early in case it needs maintenance. Or bring extra money to rent our gear. If you're unsure always call!

Can you book private events?

We love private events! Call us to check availability and times! We do have different party rates for larger groups. We like a week or two heads up at least to give for optimal planning!

What's the difference between Co2 and Compress Air/HPA

Co2 is a liquid to gas expansion and gets very cold. With electronic guns or someone just shooting a lot, it causes the tanks to get to cold and can cause problems!

Pros: Tanks are cheaper, get more shots per tank, more places to get it filled.

Cons: gets cold, only works with some guns, dirty, inconsistent FPS/accuracy.

Compressed Air/HPA basically compressed air between 3000/4500 psi

Pros: cleaner, more efficient, dial to read what's left in tank, works with all guns, very consistent, cheaper to fill.

Cons: more expensive tanks, less shots per fill, not as many available places to fill